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Friends Only Post

Friends Only

As it said before, you may be added. Just because you comment, doesn't mean I'll add you. If you were on my f-list before and now you aren't, don't bother to ask again.

If you are looking for me to ask about a community I run, you can leave a comment in this post.
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I KNOW I shouldn't be planning this a week before the wedding. But, hey, we're poor, ya know?

So, original plans: we were going to use my grandfather's timeshare and stay in Phoenix, Arizona. It would only cost us $99 per person for the week. However, we could only stay until Wednesday, so it really wasn't worth the $400 plane tickets.

So my second idea was staying in Hershey, PA with obvious trip to Hershey Park and perhaps Dorney.

However, I just called my grandfather's timeshare to cancel the Phoenix trip that he reserved for us. Well, I didn't know that "reserved" meant he already paid. I thought it was run more like a hotel. But apparently not. So now I have to use that $180 dollars credit in three months (I have to book the trip, not actually use it in three months. That $99 deal only works on excess inventory, though, which is only available for a month at a time. So I can't plan it for next summer since the timeshare is probably expensive for anything else.

So, now what to do?

I looked into it, and there is a trip to Stowe, VT for the week of our honeymoon available. It would be much like the trip to Acadia, ME I originally wanted to take. Hiking, boating, horseback riding (I don't know if I could get Mike on a horse), driving, swimming, and other adult things.

However, my upbringing is still leaning towards the amusement parks.


Either one, I know Mike and I will have fun at. Its just different kinds of fun.

;_; I don't know what to do! I don't know if I'll be able to get enough time off this fall to use up that $180 credit and I don't want my grandfather to think I don't want his kindness! I told him about it already and he seemed fine with it, but I know this is his way of spoiling me without having much money to do it with.

So, friends list, what do you think?

EDIT: In case you wanted to see the timeshare excess inventory site.
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Indiana Jones movie...

If you value your money, don't waste it on the Indiana Jones movie.

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I think that is all I have to say about that. There is probably more, but I am tired. You also probably won't get most of it unless you see the movie. If you feel like bashing your head into something after a movie, feel free. It is just what you are looking for then.
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WHR: With sad eyes...

ABC Challenge + iconfiend100 + Misc icons = loads of icon fun!

For all you Witch Hunter Robin fans out there:


[31] iconfiend100 Challenge

Click: 31 out of 100 done, tis a good start

[26] anime_abc Mega Challenge

Click: 26 icons in 26 days

(Mind you that all of the icons in the Mega Challenge is in the Iconfiend one, but I'd appreciate it if you commented in the ABC one when you are taking one of those. Thanks. :D )

Misc Icons
[01] Bleach
[02] Cowboy Bebop
[01] DOGS
[01] Juvenile Orion
[01] NANA
[02] Naruto
[01] Pan's Labyrinth
[01] Wallflower
[10] Total

Click: Ten icons is reputable...

Total new icons in post: 41

Feel free to click the links and enjoy! ^_^
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Otakon 2007: 7/19 - 7/22

So yeah, I'm gone to Otakon, guys. If you need icontest help, please refer to a co-mod (though not akaii_hana as she is going with me). If you need me for a personal matter in RL, call the cell.

If anyone else is going and wants to look for me, my cosplay line up:
Motoko Kusanagi (Ghost in the Shell: SAC) battle suit
Matsumoto Rangiku (Bleach) [look for the REALLY big boobs xD me, you can't miss them)

See you when I return! :D
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Memoirs: Drinkin' tea

And she returns...

For any interested, I got home safe and sound on Sunday night. I'll write more about the trip later (doubtful, but we'll see). ^_~ Yay for keyboards that are made right! xD Stupid American and her inability to function on European keyboards. xD I am a nerd.

And to further the idea that I am a giant nerd, I have found something new with the flavor of nanowrimo (only this I know I'll finish). xD

With this, I welcome myself to 50bookchallenge. Since I probably read this much (or more) by the end of every year, this should be fun.

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