calen383 (calen383) wrote,

ABC Challenge + iconfiend100 + Misc icons = loads of icon fun!

For all you Witch Hunter Robin fans out there:


[31] iconfiend100 Challenge

Click: 31 out of 100 done, tis a good start

[26] anime_abc Mega Challenge

Click: 26 icons in 26 days

(Mind you that all of the icons in the Mega Challenge is in the Iconfiend one, but I'd appreciate it if you commented in the ABC one when you are taking one of those. Thanks. :D )

Misc Icons
[01] Bleach
[02] Cowboy Bebop
[01] DOGS
[01] Juvenile Orion
[01] NANA
[02] Naruto
[01] Pan's Labyrinth
[01] Wallflower
[10] Total

Click: Ten icons is reputable...

Total new icons in post: 41

Feel free to click the links and enjoy! ^_^

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