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Indiana Jones movie...

If you value your money, don't waste it on the Indiana Jones movie.

Indiana Jones + Aliens = Wow, that was a shitty movie xinfinity.

George Lucas + Indiana Jones = Guess we should have seen the aliens coming.

But, OH WAIT! They weren't aliens...

ALIENS (to George Lucas) = "Interdementional beings that look suspiciously like aliens"

Random natives that pop in and kick your ass then either leave or are shot by commies.

IN SOVIET RUSSIA [insert any scene with Cate Blanchet].


He was better in Forbidden Kingdoms. Forbidden Kingdoms was also a much better movie.

Note to self: Monkeys in the Amazon will alway help you defeat the Commies. Call them in times of need when your father is in trouble and you are hanging twenty feet above the ground by vines after a narrow chase through the jungle on that helpful "road" that "mysteriously" appeared.

So, when we are invaded by aliens, they will look like someone bought their skeletons at Spencers gifts with special fog machine features and that neat trick with the purple light that follows your fingertips on the glassy edge.

They never did explain why things that were not magnetic were beign attracted to the non-magnetic item...or the random natives...or anything else for that matter.

Saying, "They are aliens and that explains everything," does not, indeed, explain anything.

I think that is all I have to say about that. There is probably more, but I am tired. You also probably won't get most of it unless you see the movie. If you feel like bashing your head into something after a movie, feel free. It is just what you are looking for then.

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