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I KNOW I shouldn't be planning this a week before the wedding. But, hey, we're poor, ya know?

So, original plans: we were going to use my grandfather's timeshare and stay in Phoenix, Arizona. It would only cost us $99 per person for the week. However, we could only stay until Wednesday, so it really wasn't worth the $400 plane tickets.

So my second idea was staying in Hershey, PA with obvious trip to Hershey Park and perhaps Dorney.

However, I just called my grandfather's timeshare to cancel the Phoenix trip that he reserved for us. Well, I didn't know that "reserved" meant he already paid. I thought it was run more like a hotel. But apparently not. So now I have to use that $180 dollars credit in three months (I have to book the trip, not actually use it in three months. That $99 deal only works on excess inventory, though, which is only available for a month at a time. So I can't plan it for next summer since the timeshare is probably expensive for anything else.

So, now what to do?

I looked into it, and there is a trip to Stowe, VT for the week of our honeymoon available. It would be much like the trip to Acadia, ME I originally wanted to take. Hiking, boating, horseback riding (I don't know if I could get Mike on a horse), driving, swimming, and other adult things.

However, my upbringing is still leaning towards the amusement parks.


Either one, I know Mike and I will have fun at. Its just different kinds of fun.

;_; I don't know what to do! I don't know if I'll be able to get enough time off this fall to use up that $180 credit and I don't want my grandfather to think I don't want his kindness! I told him about it already and he seemed fine with it, but I know this is his way of spoiling me without having much money to do it with.

So, friends list, what do you think?

EDIT: In case you wanted to see the timeshare excess inventory site.

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